Krystal De Napoli
Krystal De Napoli


Tuesday 10th December, 2019

Tuesday – Social Event & Lecture – Krystal De Napoli

  18:00 start

A research student in astronomy at Monash University and Kamilaroi woman, Krystal will describe the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people encoded vast wealth of astronomical knowledge into their oral traditions. She will recount a few exciting discoveries made thousands of years before modern science, and explain traditional uses for the night’s sky! Krystal is part of the Australian Indigenous Astronomy research group, a group that explores more than 65,000 years of Australian Astronomy, the stories of the First People and how they used the stars to navigate, harvest, hunt and so much more. In Australia, we have a very rich history in both ancient and modern astronomy and Australian Indigenous Astronomy are working hard to collect the stories of the First Peoples astronomy culture and how their understanding of astronomy sculpted their lives.

Location: Informal environment TBA.

Lecture begins: 18:30

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Background image credit: Saeed Salimpour