Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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A conference to provide a global picture of the role scientific research, technical engineering and astronomy education play in student research and education.

The RTSRE conference series focuses on building a sustainable community around the educational, technical and student research uses of robotic telescopes, from small through to large aperture and from radio through to gamma-ray and involving both observed and archival data. It aims to be a meeting place for astronomers, teachers, educators, outreach practitioners, researchers, and observatory and telescope network developers and managers, in a continuing effort to share and combine resources, develop and enhance education and research programs, and foster global conversations and collaborations. It facilitates the storage of knowledge in the field through it’s yearly dual-peer-reviewed proceedings journal, RTSRE Proceedings and an astronomical journal, Astronomy, Theory, Observations and Methods.

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The RTSRE conference will be hosted in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

We welcome you to the creative, cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne. A multicultural metropolis, where roughly 30% of people speak another language other than English at home, Melbourne is the major city in the state of Victoria, named the “Education State” for it’s 10 universities, 2 of which are in the world top-100. Melbourne itself hides it’s true nature within 230 laneways concealing world-renowned restaurants, bars and street-art and is surrounded by numerous diverse inner-city neighbourhoods and the numerous botanical parks and gardens of Australia’s “Garden City”. You can also probably still hear us grumble about how Vienna knocked Melbourne off No. 1 of the world’s most liveable cities list in 2018 for the first time in eight years… but hopefully by the time you get here in 2019, Melbourne will have won the mantle back.

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