Tuesday 24th July, 2018

Room 1

Poster Session – RTSRE Poster Session (Student Research Section)

  08:40 - 09:40

Thomas Robinson – CCD Measurements and Reclassification of WDS 07106 +1543 to an Optical Double

Katherine Fong – Understanding the difference between noise and RFI in the search for pulsars

Jake North and Louis Gosart – Observations of Eclipsing Binary EPIC 201826968

Christian Caron – The pulsar J1943-1237

Grace C Wagner – Comparison and CCD Measurements of Four Double Star Systems: WDS 03003+1432, 03009+5221, 03001+3911, 08165+7930

Scott Moller – Determining the distance to NGC 1261 by analysis of RR Lyrae variable stars

Colby Winters – Using radio waves to detect and analyze pulsars

Yash Lal – CCD Measurement and Exploration of STF 1321 AB and AC Binaries

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Background image credit: Saeed Salimpour