Student Astronomical Research in Hawai'i – A Case Study For Use of Robotic Telescopes In Education.

  • James Armstrong University of Hawai'i Institute for Astronomy, Maui
  • Mary Kadooka
  • Carolyn Kaichi University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, Hilo
  • Geoff Mathews Foothill College
  • Michael Nassir University of Hawaii Department of Physics, Oahu
  • Donn Starkey DeKalb Observatory
Keywords: Education, OUtreach


The arrival of robotic telescopes has increased productivity among astronomers and opened fields to people who previously would not have been able to participate. Since the advent of robotic telescopes, a new generation of astronomers has started to arise. A generation of astronomers in their teens, freed from late night observing and data processing, are now making scientific contributions to the field alongside professional astronomers. We will present some of the award winning work being done by young astronomers in high school and middle school in Hawai'i using the innovation of robotic telescopes.