The Contact Editor of the Proceedings is Michael Fitzgerald, Research Fellow in the Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. The  Co-Editor of the Proceedings is C. Renee James, Professor at Sam Houston State University, Texas, United States.


The Editorial Board for 2018 includes:

Contact Editor, Michael Fitzgerald

Co-Editor, C. Renee James

Russ Genet, California Polytechnic State University, USA

Lena Danaia, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Sanlyn Buxner, University of Arizona, USA

David McKinnon, Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research, Australia

Sophie Bartlett, Cardiff University, UK

Dan Caton, Appalachian State University, USA

Rachel Freed, Sonoma State University, USA


Construction of the Editorial Board and selection of the Editors

Editors and the Editorial Board will be invited by the Scientific Organising Committee following the broad guidelines below:

There will be multiple academic editors for the proceedings. As the editors would be sourced from the community that physically attended the annua conference, it is likely to be the case that a single editor will have a clear conflict of interest with being the editor of particular articles. Typical conflicts of interest would be those articles where the editor is a co-author or a close collaborator is on the author list. One editor will be named the "Contact Editor" and be responsible for dealing with proceedings correspondence.

Each year qualified conference participants will be invited to the yearly editorial board by the contact editor. In contrast to a regular journal, this is a board specific to each yearly issue. The primary function of the editorial board is to critique the final selection of papers and their quality and examine the review process if necessary in response as well as independently discuss and advise the editors on any transgressions or potential ethical issues arising during the publication or review process.